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Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arenas


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ARC-Studios builds Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arenas YOUR way. Our attractions are designed just for YOU, made to order, and built right in YOUR space. The immersive attractions we create, are custom made to entice your players into coming back again and again. From the most simple layout, to the more advanced and interactive arenas, our designs are unparalleled, and built in an affordable way.

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Make your customers feel comfortable spending more at your place.

With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry as an Owner/Operator, we understand that making the right decision of who to partner with isn't easy.  With that in mind, we don't try to be everything to everyone.  We specialize in Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arenas, and also bring the experts in and Escape Rooms to the table with us.  Operating this way allows us to deliver a balanced package to you, which will help you customize your facility. From there, you can make it everything you want it to be.

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