Custom Laser Tag Arena Refresh


Our goal is to help you bring your Laser Tag Arena back to life- through a custom and cost-effective arena refresh!

Why do a refresh, redesign, or remodel?

Chances are-unless you are opening up a brand new FEC /stand alone Laser Tag-that you have an Arena that was designed and built about 5-7 years ago, and you are not alone! FECs all across the world invested on the ground floor with their laser tag arenas around that time, as this very exciting and futuristic game first became popular! Owners everywhere ended up making fantastic-and fast-ROI on their original arenas, and saw a bevy of new clients-both the young and the young-at-heart!!

Through the years, normal wear and tear in these Arenas adds up, and between keeping up with the general maintenance of the Laser Tag Arena, as well as trying to offer the latest and greatest Laser Tag technology, many Arena owners have not been able to do much to update the space itself!! We here at ARC-Studios fully understand this dilemma as both owner/operators, as well as being passionate about the game and design,  and we seek ways to help as many people as we can with this challenge!


Top quality

Custom Theme

Fast ROI

The "3 R's"

Refresh, Redesign, Remodel.

While building a brand new Laser Tag Arena from the ground up is incredible fun, we have found that we can also make a huge and positive impact through one of the "3 R's" of Classic Laser Tag Arena options: REFRESH, REDESIGN, OR REMODEL!

By going the route of the "3 R's", rather than attempting to gut the old and install a brand new arena, you will be able to greatly improve the space you have now! This will help you to drive more business, engage a new demographic of guests, and create a completely custom and immersive Laser Tag Arena that will feel brand new-without breaking the bank!

ARC-Studios Laser Tag Arena Refresh Before and After

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What is the right choice for me?

One of the best ways to combat market saturation, and keep your facility profitable, is to make sure your arena is as fresh, original, and creative as it possibly can be! Doing an arena refresh, remodel or redesign is the fastest way to generate new business, and increase local interest for the least amount of initial investment.

Still not sure if this is right for you? Want to understand the difference between a refresh, remodel, or resdesign? Just take a moment to fill out this contact form and one of our amazing ARC-Studios team members will reach out to help walk you through the process in order to make an informed decision! Be sure to mention in the comments that you are interested in finding out more about the "3 R's", and we will take care of the rest!