- step inside the game

After a lot of research, testing, and some playing. (ok a lot of playing!) We have partnered with the market leaders in premium virtual reality integrations, VRSenal. Bringing together the latest technological advancements from across the VR space to create a cutting edge product that is sure to excite your patrons and offer an experience unavailable anywhere else on the planet.

We all know that some of the brightest minds in the hardware and software industry are working around the clock to create the next generation of entertainment. The amount of press and money swirling around the VR space has resulted in a tsunami of entrepreneurial activity. Hundreds, if not thousands, of companies are working to develop their own hardware, content, and contributions.

10 Games

Small Footprint

No Attendent

High Throughput

Smarter Choice

What is Holocube?

Designed as the perfect turnkey,one, two or four-player VR portal, requiring no attendant, the Holocube brings VR to any facilities existing space with a compact footprint that accounts for the safety, hygiene, and throughput concerns presented by current VR technology.

Flexible application


  • 20 players per hour throughput
  • catalog of 10 games and growing
  • Just 50 square feet per station
  • NO Attendant Required
  • Integrates with all card readers
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Sanitation Station
  • Best in Class Headset
  • Custom Peripherals


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