Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arenas

Our goal is to bring YOUR vision to life, so we can build YOUR fully Customized Laser Tag Arena,YOUR way.

What do we mean when we say YOUR Arena?

To us, YOUR Arena means that we will design an Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arena-just for you. We create an Arena that is designed specifically for your customers and your space. With this in mind, you can be assured we are not delivering a recycled version of one of our past laser tag arena themes that your guests may have seen before.

Your Laser Tag Arena will be painted on site, in your space-as opposed to some factory 2,000 miles away from another laser tag arena vendor. Doing this for you assures that you aren’t paying for unnecessary overhead, AND it creates a chance to refine all the details of the design FOR YOUR SPACE on site.

The end result is a Laser Tag Arena that is not only customized for your market and space, but is also a blast to play, and built to save you money.

Mine Shaft Laser Tag Arena Entrance

Top quality

ADA Compliant

Your Theme

Turnkey Packages

Where to start

Layout and Design.

We will create a truly personalized Laser Tag Arena for you that no one else has, and no one else can duplicate.  Since this is 100% YOUR customized Arena, we start with your ideas, and build on that-taking into account what we know about the equipment your going to use.  These equipment vendors have options that-once combined with our Immersive and Custom lighting and video, can provide your clients with the best experience.

We then provide you with all the documentation your architect will need to get started.  From there,  we are able to provide you a glimpse into what it will look like when we are done!

Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arena Layout

Immersive and Customized Laser Tag Arena Design Example

YOUR Arena

ARC Arenas

Alternate Reality Construct Arenas represents our process for making YOUR arena different.  We can cut and build any shaped wall to match the theme that you and our design team come up with.  Our Arenas are durable and affordable, with amazing 3D graphics,that make these arenas unlike anything you have ever seen.  We'll create a personalized laser tag arena that is totally custom, completely flexible and sure to be an arena players will never tire of playing.