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We have partnered with a Global Brand in the Escape Room industry, to bring you the industries best Turn Key Escape Rooms!  Escape Reality has one of the largest portfolio’s, full of intriguing, captivating, and immersive Escape Rooms. We here at ARC-Studios are proud to be on board as their fabrication, theming and installation team.  Through this partnership, ARC-Studios-alongside Escape Reality-can present you with a fully functioning business, not just great rooms. The best part is we do this all without franchise fees or royalties!




To maximize the FUN at your facility, we know you're always looking for the next great attraction.  You’ve probably heard about escape rooms, and how popular they've become over the past few years. You may have even played a few and thought “this would be a great addition to my FEC.”  Well, we are here to tell you that you are RIGHT!!

Out-of-home entertainment is focused on experiences that you can’t get at home. They need to be experiences that are immersive, exciting, and fun to play. Turn Key Escape Rooms fit that model perfectly, and are being sought out by Millennials, older teens, and corporate groups. With this is mind, adding an Immersive Escape Room will help you draw in these coveted groups.  To be successful, they do require a slightly different approach, and Escape Reality-alongside ARC-Studios, can deliver amazing rooms that are customized for your facility! We will also provide the operations and marketing support in order to maximize your revenue!


What makes us unique?

Many of the current Turn Key Escape Room Vendors have only a few rooms to choose from, and can range from one extreme to another. Either:

1) Inexpensive, very simple, D.I.Y. rooms-with basic theming. They are all locks and keys, cheap furniture, cheap fixtures, and a low-level gaming experience.  


Rooms costing around $70K to $100K each, which look great, but are not cost-effective at all. They can be overly complex, and often lack any kind of captivating story line.

Then there are the Franchises, with which you will incur start-up fees, and require you to pay on-going royalties. They may also involve separate booking systems, specific POS, etc. This can mean huge changes to an FEC, and make it a real challenge to effectively operationalize.

Escape Reality hits the sweet spot with cost effective highly immersive rooms designed in the UK by a global brand with over a dozen facilities worldwide and growing. We have the largest portfolio of highly immersive rooms to choose from…25 and counting. The owners and managers are escape room enthusiasts who also own or have managed kid-tainment facilities and family entertainment centers. We know what you are looking for and are ready to help with a complete turn key solution with NO franchise fees or royalties. You keep all the revenue and still benefit from the knowledge and support of a company who owns and operates multiple facilities. Our pop culture themed escape rooms are well liked by the tens of thousands of guests who visit each month, which means our rooms have been battle tested by the public! We’ve continually improved designs, props and puzzles based on guest input (and seeing the many ways they find to break things!) We know how to keep our cost reasonable for our own build outs and it shows in our pricing.

Our process starts with you and our team of designers, architects and operations experts collaborating to pick the right rooms based on your goals, market and competition.

We adjust the layout as needed to fit your space and requirements:

  • We provide you with the documents and information you need to pull permits and get bids from local contractors.
  • Cost effective, to secure uninterruptible construction process.

When your ready for us:

  • Installation of props and theming of rooms by professional installers.
  • Training by operators with there own facilities.
  • Assistance with hiring the right Game Master for great customer service and experiences.

Our Proven Process

Experience Innovation the Professional Way.

Purchasing new attractions is a big step and you need someone who walks in your shoes and understands your business. Escape Reality offers a comprehensive end to end solution and the largest portfolio around. Take a look and then reach out to us to start your escape room adventure!

Schedule a free specialist consultation. Call us: +1 (888) 514 0283

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